Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Where words fail, music speaks.

There was a time,I thought I had every answer
I thought knew what really mattered
Of to get out,but not now
There was a time,I was high on my opinion
It was all about losing or winning
Never with doubt,but not now
I'm just calling,like I see it,
if I love I release it,
Now it goes,
'Cause I let go on my control'
I know nothing;                        
I know nothing
Can't you see?
I'm nothing but blue now,
You're nothing but blue now
I wonder why But I dont know,'cause
I know nothing;
I know nothing
Don't worry
I just do what I do now the happiest fool now
I love my life in a way I just don't know
See what you say
But there ain't no tellin' tomorrow
The left side you got to follow
So give up the fight
It's alright
It's all to the change;
Some bad and some for the better
It all plants up on the measure
As long as we try,
It's alright
I'm just calling,like i see it,
if i love it I release it,
Now it throws,
'Cause I let go on my control.

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