Sonntag, 6. November 2011

You ain't taking that from me.

Blogprojekt Teil 14:Ich lieeeeeeebe es ♥ (& generell in letzter Zeit die Lieder von Natasha Bedingfield).

Lyricsauszug:Everyday I fight forAll my future somethingsA thousand little warsI have to choose betweenI could spend a lifetimeEarning things that I don't needBut that's like chasing rainbowsAnd coming home empty.And if you strip me,Strip it all awayIf you strip me,What would you findIf you strip me,Strip it all awayIll be alright.
Take what you wantSteal my prideBuild me upOr cut me down to sizeShut me outBut I'll just screamIm only one voice in a millionbut you aint taking that from meyou aint taking that from me 4x

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